About Us

Gurusimran Kaur Khalsa

GuruSimran Kaur Khalsa, Director

I took my first kundalini yoga class back in the dark ages (as my son calls it) in 1978. Even though at the time I was trained as a hatha yoga teacher, I knew after just one class of kundalini yoga, I had found my golden nugget and I’ve been teaching ever since.  I am certified as a teacher and am a member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association.  Through my many years of working with people, I have not found anything that can hold a candle to this amazing technology.  I look forward to serving you on your spiritual journey to awareness and happiness!


Karam Singh Khalsa

Karam Singh Khalsa, Teacher

Karam Singh became a student of Yogi Bhajan in 1972.  In those days if you were a single guy you were given a small room shared by 8 or 9 other single men.  I know what you’re thinking – how did they sleep (among other things)?  Well, according to Karam Singh who is also my husband, they would line themselves up like sardines on the wooden floor and it was only pure exhaustion after being up since 3:00am for meditation that sleep came mercifully to all.  It was faith and plain old youth that carried him through his day while working 12 hours in a vegetarian restaurant on Dupont Circle in Washington DC.  Karam Singh has been teaching kundalini yoga since the 70′s and now that he’s in his 60′s, it’s all coming full circle.  Every day for the past 5 years with only missing one or two days, he gets up at 3:30am (from a king size bed), has his cold shower (hydrotherapy), and practices kundalini yoga and meditation for 2 1/2 hours before the sun rises.  So if you want to learn from a real yogi, now is your opportunity.